A Look at Every New Lexus SUV You Can Choose From

We know that many drivers are looking for a vehicle that they can trust, and our team is here to help you find some of the most capable and exciting models that are available. Lexus SUVs are some of the most popular options on the market, able to keep you entertained while offering the confidence that you need for the road ahead. We want to give a general overview of each model, showing some of the similarities and then some specifics of each.

Each Lexus SUV comes with a variety of safety features as well as many infotainment options. With Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, and more to reduce distractions while popular driver assistance features look out for you, you will be able to drive confidently during the time that you spend behind the wheel. We look forward to hearing from you soon so that we can get you moving towards your next vehicle.

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Lexus UX

The unique Lexus design is apparent when you see the Lexus UX. From the bold front grille and the sleek headlights to the slim and elegant taillights, you will smile when you catch a glimpse of this model from any angle. Sporting the best-in-class turning radius and a dependable engine that provides an exciting performance, we are certain that many drivers will see how this is the Luxury Crossover SUV that they want to have in their driveway.

Lexus UX Hybrid

Coming with the same design as the Lexus UX, the UX Hybrid offers a more efficient driving experience while having more horsepower. The Lexus UX Hybrid is equipped with an all-wheel drive system that is uniquely adapted to this model, ensuring the best traction without losing much efficiency. The interior is outfitted with some of the most advanced and innovative features while still maintaining the impressive cargo space that you will need for the road ahead.

Lexus NX

Available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, we are certain that you will see how a Luxury Crossover like the Lexus NX is a model you will want. The interior is elegant and spacious, making sure you and your passengers will be able to enjoy ever errand, road trip, or commute that is ahead. With up to 235 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, this model is prepared for every drive that you take.

Lexus NX Hybrid

With all-wheel drive as standard and an impressive fuel efficiency rating, there are many reasons for you to choose the Lexus NX Hybrid. We'll work with you to see the benefits of a hybrid model, including each of the innovative systems that come along with it. Regenerative braking helps keep your vehicle charged and EV driving mode allows you to have the most efficient drive over short distances and at low speeds.

Lexus RX

The versatility of the Lexus RX makes it a great option for nearly any driver. You can decide if you want two or three rows of seating to help prioritize passengers or cargo, keeping it tailored to the specific needs of each driver. No matter your seating choice, you'll be getting slim and elegant headlights, an aggressive front grille, and sleek lines down the body to help it stand out from the competition. With Multi-Zone Climate Control coming standard on every trim, you can stay comfortable going through any conditions.

Lexus RX Hybrid

More horsepower and standard all-wheel drive give the Lexus RX Hybrid a few benefits over the gas-powered equivalent. The Electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT) and a spacious interior means you'll be able to enjoy the time that you spend behind the wheel. Hybrid models offer a cleaner performance, especially if you choose to drive in EV mode for your shorter errands or commutes.

Lexus GX

A rugged and elegant design helps the Lexus GX fit in wherever you drive. With the space needed for bringing along everything you could need and the power to get you anywhere that you could want to be, we are certain that many of you will see the benefits of choosing this Luxury SUV. The cabin is equipped with some of the most advanced features and innovative technology, giving you the control you could need for any adventure you take.

Lexus LX

As the largest Lexus SUV in the lineup, we want to help you see everything that makes the Lexus LX the model you will want in your driveway. Having up to 383 horsepower gives the Lexus LX the power it needs for an exciting performance, even when the cabin is loaded with gear and passengers. It will also allow you to tow up to 7,000 pounds to bring along the largest items that you could need.

Searching Every Option to Find the One You'll Love

Our team is excited to get you into the Lexus SUV that comes equipped with everything that you could be looking for. We will help you get a closer look at each option so that you will feel confident with the one that you end up in. These models follow the trend of Lexus models that come before it, having a powerful performance and sleek design to give you the most enjoyment of the time that you spend behind the wheel.